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The Catholic Advocate

Mission Statement

Advocate Publishing Corporation has a three-fold mission in the Archdiocese of Newark.

Advocate Publishing Corporation must provide EXAMPLES of Gospel values being lived in our own time and place for EMULATION by our audience. These examples should include the obviously heroic lifestyles adopted by some (Mother Teresa) without neglecting the importance of the good being done by “ordinary” Catholics (lay, Religious, and Clergy) at the parish and archdiocesan level, and in the world of work.

Advocate Publishing Corporation must EDUCATE our audience to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the teachings and traditions of our Catholic Faith.

Advocate Publishing Corporation must EVANGELIZE by reaching out to the inactive Catholics, and those who need to be introduced to our Faith or strengthened in that Faith. Advocate Publishing Corporation’s print and electronic products does this by presenting the “Good News” in an interesting and attractive format that will help the Catholic Faith to have an impact on those outside our parishes.

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Editor of The Catholic Advocate Online

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Director of Advertising/Operations

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