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Borrowing Procedure

The Lending Library (LL) was created by the Office for Evangelization (OFE) a few years ago to aid parishes in their evangelizing efforts. It consists of many DVD programs of various topics in which are loaned out to parish teams for a short period of time. During this time, the parish team interested in the DVD program is expected to review it and determine whether it is something that the parish would benefit from. Assistance in determining the right course of action and which DVD programs would be best for the parish and for their intended goal and audience is available. The office is available during business hours to discuss initial ideas and concerns and will be able to meet with team members to deliver the program(s) and get to know the parish and team. 

Below is the lending procedure:

  1. Call or email Father John Gordon, 973-497-4321,
  2. Discuss concerns, ideas and goals
  3. Set up meet up time to visit your parish and team for program drop off
  4. Review program(s) with your team within allotted time and return
  5. Review with Father John Gordon your decision, if desired
  6. Purchase selected program from appropriate website

All programs must be purchased from the appropriate organization’s website. The Office for Evangelization does not keep inventory of the programs and does not place the order for you.

We look forward to working closely with you and your team in your efforts to build up a more evangelized parish.


Contact Us

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Fr. John Gordon
Secretary for Evangelization

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Associate Director of Evangelization