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Parish Finance Council

How to Prepare An Annual Report, 2/21/23

As we continue our series of webinars we want to highlight the role of the Annual Parish report. Often times this merely a financial report but it can be used as a much richer presentation. In this webinar we want to share how this can highlight different aspects of parish life and invite people to appreciate their parish and become more involved. Registration is avaialble here :


How to Conduct an In-Person Solicitation,1/24/23, 

The Secretariat for Parish Mission and Vitality, the Office of  Development and Stewardship and the Finance Office invite you to this webinar.

The webinar will explain the stewardship message and process for a successful in-pew solicitation. It will also explain how to best prepare parishioners, parish staff and speakers. This webinar is applicable for in-pew solicitations for initiatives such as the Annual Appeal, a parish Offertory Program and a parish Capital Campaign. 

The link to the ebinar is below:

The Finance Council is responsible to assist the Pastor with parish financial planning and administration with the specific mandate to assist the pastor in the administration of temporal goods. A Parish Finance Council is essential to parish life in financially supporting the mission of the parish and planning for the future. 

Parish Administration Manual

The Parish Administrative Manual serves as a guide to assist parish staff in their day-to-day performance of administrative and management functions.  It serves as a consolidated reference document about the operations and programs of the Archdiocese of Newark.

The Manual is functionally organized.  The major sections are equivalent to the functional activities of a parish/school.

The manual is designed so that the contents can be updated and revised on an ongoing basis.  Revisions result from the implementation of new policies or changes to existing policy, including those direct by government regulatory agencies.  To access the manual, click this link.

Parish Finance Councils 2022-23

All workshops will be held via Zoom at 7:00 pm. Please register below and a Zoom link will be sent the day of the workshop.

How to Conduct an In-Person Solicitation, 1/24/23, Below is the link to the recording of the webinar:  https://us02web.zoom
Passcode: pZBW!m7t
How to Create an Annual Report for the Parish, 2/21/23,
Online Giving, 3/6/23, Stewardship, 4/17/23,
How to Talk About Money in Your Parish, 5/3/23,  

Finance Council Workshops PowerPoints

Parish Finance Council Training Presentation including a Response to Covid

The Archdiocese offered a workshop in the Spring and Fall 2021 to update the 2019 presentation. The update includes new information to update parishes with regards to a Covid response.  A Power Point of the presentation offered at the Spring and Fall 2021 workshops can be downloaded by clicking on the link below. 

Pastor and Parish Finance Council Responsibility including a Covid Response PowerPoint

Below are the PowerPoint presentations of the workshops that were offered from the Fall 2021 to Spring 2022:

How to Read Quick Books, November 2021 Workshop PowerPoint

Cash Controls, January 2022 Workshop PowerPoint

Finance Council Relationships with the Pastor and Pastoral Council, February 17 Workshop PowerPoint

Budget and Finance Council Report Process, March 15, 2022 Workshop PowerPoint

Online Giving, April 26, 2022 Workshop PowerPoint

Stewardship/Increased Giving/Fundraising Ideas