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July 15, 2014

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Archbishop Issues Call for Prayer and Political Action to End Conflict in the Holy Land

In response to both the recent bloodshed in Israel and Gaza and today’s collapse of a possible ceasefire to ease tensions in the area, The Most Reverend John J. Myers, Archbishop of Newark, called on all people of faith and conscience to pray for an end to hostilities and the beginning of constructive talks to a peaceful solution to the strife and to unrest in the Holy Land.

Echoing the words of St. Pope John XXIII “that all men and women of good will are bound by the task of pursuing peace,” Archbishop Myers said: “It is imperative that we pray that our leaders in Washington and other nations in the world have the wisdom to seek peaceful solutions to violent conflicts.  We must also pray that they be strong in undertaking the humanitarian efforts needed to end the suffering of the victims of this violence.”

The Archbishop also said that “no one benefits when Israelis or Palestinians die.  It is critical that the world’s powers work to find a political solution that ensures not only physical safety, but also a future that secures human rights, religious freedom and economic opportunity for all in Israel and Palestine.”

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