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Leadership Training

Bereavement Ministry Support Facilitator Training

Support groups provide the opportunity for healing in a confidential, educational and spiritual environment. Family Life offers a facilitator training program for those who wish to become facilitators for existing parish bereavement support groups or for those who want to start one. This program can also serve to enhance the general bereavement ministry services in your parish. Participants will explore the many faces of loss & grief and will receive practical information about forming a parish-based ministry. Pre-registration with the approval of your pastor is mandatory. All participants must be up to date with Safe Environment Protocol.

This course is intended to assist those seeking to begin or join a parish Ministry of Consolation. This course is helpful for those parishes looking to foster consolation ministry or host a bereavement support group. Upon successful completion of this program, facilitators can serve in their parish ministry with the approval of their pastor.

Topics include:

  • Overview of Loss, Grief & Mourning and current theories
  • Grief in special circumstances, including grief during pandemic
  • Assessing the need for referral
  • Importance of bereavement ministry for the parish
  • Reaching out to those on the peripheries, especially those feeling lost and alone
  • Counseling skills: How to listen and ask questions that facilitate healing
  • How to start up  & facilitate a parish based bereavement support group
  • The impacts of covid on grief and ministry

Register here for the upcoming parish ministry training beginning in April 2023 


Mental Health Ministry Training

In an effort to address the mental health crisis we are facing, we are offering training for parishes interested in learning more about this ministry. This is intended for spiritual accopaniment and NOT therapy. We will be using Sanctuary for Catholics as well as local speakers with knowledge and experience in this field. For more information and to register- click here


"Surviving Divorce" Facilitator Training Course

There's no such thing as "Catholic divorce" but the bad news is Catholics do civilly divorce. “Surviving Divorce” is a program here to help, and to encourage healing through the Sacraments where the participants personally encounter Christ with all His love and tender mercies.Thousands of years ago the blind, deaf and dumb ran to Jesus for healing and He still invites them to come to Him today. Those who are in need of healing from civil divorce or separation want to learn how to rebuild their lives. There is hope through experiencing the love & mercy of Jesus Christ through His church and people.

Please consider bringing the 12 week program Surviving Divorce to your parish. This program can be facilitated by any clergy, religious, permanent deacon, pastoral staff member or layperson designated by the parish. This one-day training is for any clergy, religious, permanent deacon, pastoral staff member or layperson chosen by his or her parish to facilitate the program. This session will offer in-depth instruction on all aspects of advertising, facilitating and administering the program. The processes of grief, loss and transition are emphasized, as are listening and communication skills. Facilitator must meet Archdiocese safety requirements.

Click here to register for our upcoming training on June 16th, 2023.

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