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Natural Family Planning

Finding a Natural Family Planning (NFP) Class

Your Family Life Office offers small local personal classes throughout the year.

Online options for NFP Classes are also available.

Medical Support for Infertility or Hormonal Imbalance lists medical resource information.

Articles, Links, and Resources for NFP

Do you want to learn about Natural Family Planning?  Are you currently practicing NFP and have questions or need information?  There are more than 100 articles, links, and resources compiled under the headings below.

What is NFP?

What are men saying about NFP?


NFP for Single Women and Teens

Physical Reasons to Consider Natural Family Planning

Contraception Issues and NFP

Postpartum & Breastfeeding with NFP

Perimenopause and NFP

Infertility, IVF, NFP

Unplanned Pregnancy and NFP

NFP Witness

Efficacy and NFP (Including Apps)

Humanae Vitae

Struggles With NFP