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Natural Family Planning Organizations and Practitioners

*Please see notes at the bottom of the page.

Creighton Fertility Method Instruction

Alicia Crete CFCP CFCE

Options: In-person local (one-on-one meetings), Live Online (Skype)

Go to for general method information.

Go to for local Gianna centers using the Creighton Method Natural Family Planning as a diagnostic tool for infertility and hormonal imbalance.

Sympto-Thermal Method Class

Couple to Couple League

Options: Live Online, Self-Paced Online

(There are no instructors for a local class in our area at the time of this writing, but check the website for current offerings.)

Billings Ovulation Method Instruction

Option: Live Online (Skype, Zoom, Go-To-Meeting)

Sympto-Hormonal Method Instruction

Marquette University

Option: Self-Paced Online

Each option will have different scheduling, class lengths, fee structures, and Marquette requires the purchase of a device. Please ask any relevant questions when you contact an organization.


Natural Family Planning is best learned in person with an instructor for a number of reasons, but that is not always possible. If you need online instruction, choosing a live online class is recommended because it is the closest thing to a regular class. Self-paced online learning has the least instructor interaction and open-ended time frames to complete the course; it is a last option and for those who are highly organized self- learners.


Ask for a method class when you contact the organizations if you wish to receive a certificate of completion for learning NFP. Some offer an Introduction which is an overview, but not NFP instruction.