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            This award is given in memory of Bishop Joseph A. Francis, the first African American Bishop in the Archdiocese of Newark.  Bishop Francis was an advocate for justice and education.  He was the founder and principal of Verbum Dei High School in the Watts section of Los Angeles.  The following are the requirements for eligibility:

            1. Roman Catholic bound student of African descent attending a college/vocational tech/trade school

            2. Involved in their parish ( a parish in the Newark  NJ Archdiocese), school or local community as a volunteer.

            3. Provide a valid transcript of their last three semesters (college enrollee), or last three quaters; if you're a High school senior.

            4. A Letter of recommendations from your Pastor, or Letter documenting volunteerism in school or community.

            5. An essay (about 250 words) describing the candidate's involvement in your parish, school or local community and why the life of Bishop Francis is an inspiration for them to continue their service as a volunteer.


Deadline is June 30th 2019
Submit your application including all documents in the link below.

     Scholarship Application

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