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Local Safe Environment Coordinator Corner

Parish Local Safe Environment Coordinator Training Manual  **REVISED** June 2020 

School Local Safe Environment Coordinator Training Manual **REVISED** June 2020

Virtus Training Guide  **NEW** January 2020

Sterling Volunteers User's Guide **NEW** February 2020

Sterling Backcheck User's Guide  Click here to access Sterling Backcheck website

Instructions for logging onto Virtus to take Protecting God's Children for the first time


Annual USCCB Youth Protection Audit is open - due date was December 1, 2020 Click here to access the audit 

For Sterling Volunteer training use these videos:

For Sterling BackCheck training (employees), contact Sterling Volunteers at either or (855) 326-1860, Option 3 to schedule a session. 

LSEC's must ensure your volunteers and employees recertifying online are reading their monthly bulletins and have done their annual recertification module.  If they get behind by 18 bulletins or more, their VIrtus ID's will be suspended, and they will be unable to work until they have restored their certification.  If this method isn't working for them, encourage them to take the class again instead (good for 5 years!) 

Why are some Virtus accounts suspended?

People are suspended because they have 18 monthly bulletins or more that are unread.  In general, it’s because they did the annual module (in most cases) but neglected to do the other half of online recertification.  They need to be told, if they are still active, that they need to do this, or, perhaps this method isn’t working for them and they should go to class again, which would be good for five years. 

If you have users who are suspended , contact the Office of Child and Youth Protection ( We will either unsuspend them but leave access to the bulletins on the training tab, or remove the training tab and give them instructions on how to sign up for another class. If they opt for the online option again and are suspended again, they will no longer be eligible for online recertification, and must take the class.

Background check reminder

Volunteers that are signing up for Protecting God's Children for the first time will be asked to sign the Archdiocesan Code of Conduct electronically, but they must print and sign page 23 and provide the hard copy  to the LSEC for their file.  In addition, they will be given a link for a Sterling Volunteer background check.  Make sure to stress with them they have to choose your location as their location in Virtus.   They will be marked Eligible if they come back clear .  Remember, the other people need you to mark them Eligible on your Sterling Volunteers Dashboard. If you are doing the checks or sending the link make sure to ask them if they've lived in NY!  This is not on the application and is crucial for deciding which Level background check they get!

Contact Us

Karen Clark
Director, Department for the Protection of the Faithful
973-497-4254   email:

Gina Criscuolo, LCSW
Coordinator, Office of Accompaniment

AnnMarie Caliguire
Safe Environment Compliance Officer, Office of Child and Youth Protection

Elizabeth DeMott
Safe Environment Compliance Officer, Office of Child and Youth Protection


Any person who wishes to report an incident of sexual misconduct by a member of the clergy, religious or lay staff of the Archdiocese of Newark should contact the Archdiocese as follows:

By Mail: 
Director, Department for the Protection of the Faithful
The Archdiocese of Newark
171 Clifton Avenue
Newark, NJ 07104 

By Phone: 

By Fax: