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SOAR - Support Our Aging Religious

SOAR is a non-profit organization of persons committed to assuring financially stable and personally secure futures for elderly and frail members of Catholic religious congregations in the United States, augmenting the efforts of the institutional Church.



The needs of aging religious are a crisis in our nation today.  Support Our Aging Religious, Inc. (SOAR!) is prepared to provide assistance on a temporary basis.  Religious orders with retired, aged and infirm members at the community, diocesan or regional level may apply for funds to assist with an immediate retirement need.


  • Emergency needs.
  • Therapeutic and medical equipment.
  • Adequate and safe housing for retirement.

** Examples: bathroom renovations, elevator and mobility, safety, nurse call/alert systems, hospital beds/infirmary renovation, window/roof replacement, kitchen renovation, special needs (speech/vision, water supply, heating).


SOAR! is unable to provide ongoing living expenses of retired religious in assisted living or skilled nursing facilities.

  • Major contributions to retirement funds.
  • Construction of new buildings.
  • Operational expenses.
  • Cosmetic improvements that do not directly relate to the physical well-being of the retired.

Proposals which request partial funding for large projects if additional funds have not been obtained or planned.

Click for SOAR Application

Interested applicants representing a particular religious congregation should complete the application. No pre-application or letter of intent is required.
Prepare responses to all the questions on the grant application form.
Upon completion the application must be submitted vial email to and also printed and mailed to the SOAR!

Office at 3025 4th Street, NE, Suite 14, Washington, DC 20017. Applications must be typed and submitted by email and in hardcopy with a signed original.
Copies of audits, financial statements and contractor estimates or bids do not need to be submitted but should be available upon request.

Please refer to the SOAR! Grant Application for specific details and requirements.
The completed application package is due in the SOAR! office on or before the first Friday in November. The Grant Review Committee meets once a year in January.  A regular grant will be announced in and awarded in the Spring.

The number and amount of grants awarded will depend on the funds available in any given cycle.  Funds to support SOAR! are acquired through direct mail solicitation, individual contributions, local and national fund raising events, and approaches to foundations and corporations. Preference will be given to first time applicants and communities where the need is greatest.

Communities receiving SOAR! grant awards must sign a contract stipulating the purpose for which the funds are awarded, and submit a complete financial report to SOAR! when the project is completed.

(NOTE:  Grant award money must be used for the needs originally indicated and the financial report submitted within the same year the award is received and the project completed.) Additional information may be obtained by contacting the SOAR! office in Washington, DC - 202-529-7627 or by writing to Deborah Vornbrock at