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"Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you. For whoever asks, receives; whoever seeks, finds; whoever knocks, is admitted."

Please pray for the requests below. The Office of Development and Stewardship posts the most recent requests below. 


April 2019:

  • Oración para que en mi tramite de documentos me salga bien y poder tener mis hijos acá.  Oración por mis hijos Luis Francisco y Norvin Fernando. 


March 2019:

  • Prayers for my brother who is currently in a coma due to an accident two years ago.  Asking for a miracle of healing.  
  • Please pray for the salvation of my soul and for everyone in my family.
  • Por favor, ayudame con sus oraciones para mis hijos #4: Juan, Israel, Carolina, Jhoselyn.  Dios los ilumine que los cuide y proteja siempre a mi familia.  Dios los bendiga.  Gracias.  Milton
  • To pray for my daughter Charisse to pass step 2 test in May, and good health to the whole family. 
  • Please pray for a healing of my macular degeneration.  Thank you.  
  • My daughter, Samantha, who has stage 2 breast cancer.  I pray for her healing and cure.  
  • For my son to find some love and guidance from the Lord. 
  • I pray that God will spare my niece, Joan Marie, from cancer in her brain surgery. 
  • Por favor: Pido mucha oración por mi persona, estoy muy enferma, tengo el balance muy malo y osteoporosis severa.  Para mis tres hijos, Carlos, Katherine, y Danny, cada uno con un problema de salud. 
  • Prayer request for Gary's healing. 
  • Pongan en oración a mi hijo, Francisco Antonio, que está preso y por mi familia.  Amén. 

November 2018:

  • Peace on earth.
  • Lord I humbly ask you to please pray for me to gain knowledge/strength and focus on a goal that I am trying to achieve that is long over due. I have a promotional exam coming up and I’m unsure if I’m able to retain all the information I need to pass. I can really use the raise at this time. I’m feeling overwhelmed and stressed out!!! Please keep me safe/ covered while I protect the people in the cities that I work in. Please continue to watch over my children to keep them safe, covered, focused, humbled and to always know they are loved.



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