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Resource Books and Ornaments

The Office of Divine Worship is pleased to announce the 2020 Cathedral Basilica Christmas Ornament. This year’s ornament commemorates the 25th anniversary of the designation of the Cathedral as a Basilica by Saint John Paul II. The ornament features an external view of the Cathedral Basilica in silver with snowy highlights. Orders can be placed using this order form. Special pricing for orders of 10 or more.


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For questions, contact the office of Divine Worship 973-497-4345.

Children's Liturgy of the Word 2020-2021

Children’s Liturgy of the Word provides liturgy preparation pages and liturgy guides for every Sunday and Holyday of Obligation. Each liturgy guide includes words of dismissal for the priest celebrant, an open and closing prayer, petitions for the Prayer of the Faithful, and the full text of an interactive homily/feflection that connects the Word to the life experiences of children.

Children’s Liturgy of the Word allows the power of the liturgy to act on children, facilitating their growing relationship with God and allowing them to testify to their own experiences of God’s presence. Instead of following a traditional classroom model of a lesson followed by an activity or game, this resource closely follows the structure of the Liturgy of the Word being celebrated in the main assembly, as stipulated by the Directory for Masses with Children and the introduction to the Lectionary for Masses with Children. This resource makes leading a liturgically appropriate celebration of the Word easy, even for inexperienced leaders.

Paperback, 8 x 10, 272 pages 
1      $29.00 each 
2 - 4 $25.00 each 

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Living Liturgy - Spirituality, Celebration, and Catechesis for Sundays and Solemnities Year B (2021)

Katy Beedle Rice, Orin E. Johnson, and Verna Holyhead, SGS

Living Liturgy™ 2021 provides practical, sound, and inspiring content from expert authors to enrich your parish liturgy and ministry. This best-selling annual resource is ideal for parish ministers, liturgists, pastors, planning committees, and RCIA programs. A unique and robust formation program, Living Liturgy™ offers the readings, plus insightful reflections and contextual background information for Sundays, Solemnities, and additional feasts of liturgical and national importance.

A fresh resource each liturgical year, Living Liturgy™ gives your team the spiritual preparation they need to serve in their ministries, integrating daily living, prayer, and study in an inviting and easy-to-use format. Engaging new art by Ruberval Monteiro da Silva, OSB, complements the text and invites further reflection on the Gospel of the day. This indispensable guide deepens a liturgical spirituality and strengthens the worship experience for the whole parish.

Paperback, 8 1/2 x 10 7/8, 328 pages
1 - 4   $19.95 each 
5 - 19 $15.95 each 
20 +   $10.95 each 
Shipping will be added.

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Children's Daily Prayer 2020-2021

Vivian Williams and Margaret Burk

Designed to be led by students, these short prayer services will deepen and enrich classroom prayer every day of the school year.  For teachers, parents, principals, and religious educators, helpful introductions provide background on each liturgical season, along with advice on reparing the worship space and getting children involved in the service.  Prayers are also provided for use at home, before meals, and at the end of the day to encourage family prayer throughout the week.  With Children's Daily Prayer, you can form your students in the rich tradition of Roman Catholic prayer, guiding them as they become acquainted with the rhythms and rituals of Catholic worship.

New!  Scripture readings from the evangelist for the year have been selected to help children become familiar with important Scripture stories and themes.  In addition there are prayers for before meals and at the end of the day, as well as prayer services for the liturgical seaons and special feasts, and reproducible prayer serevices for children to take home to their families to celebrate occasions when they are not in school.

Paperback, 8 x 10, 368 pages
1       $14.00 each
2 - 9  $13.00 each

Shipping will be added to order.

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Liturgy and Appointment Calendar 2021

8 x 10
Cover Price $17.00
Our Price: $15.00 each

Shipping will be added to order.

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The WORKBOOK can provide the ongoing instruction and advice that readers need. It includes these helpful features: pronunciation assistance, sense line format, lectionary numbers for each set of readings, margin notes that point to the logical divisions in the passages and bolded words help the reader know when to stress important sections and concepts. Everyone appreciates having this Workbook at home. 8 1/2 x 11. Cover price: $14.00.

MANUAL PARA PROCLAMADORES DE LA PALABRA prepares Spanish-speaking readers to proclaim the Scriptures by providing them with Scripture commentary, advice for proclamation, large print readings for practice, and pronunciation skills. It is a great resource for proclaiming the Word of God in liturgical celebrations and ongoing formation when studied each week. 8 1/2 x 11. Cover price: $14.00. .

Cover Price $14.00
1 - 49 copies: $11.00 each
50 or more: $9.00 each

Cover Price: $14.00
1 - 49 copies: $11.00 each
50 or more: $9.00 each

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An essential and trusted resource to help you prepare the liturgy for all seasons of the liturgical year, each Sunday, solemnity, feast, memorial, optional memorial, and seasonal weekday! If you are a priest or deacon, liturgist or worship team member, religious educator or looking for more information about Catholic liturgy, this publication will be an invaluable tool!  Reflections on the Lectionary texts for Sunday, Year B and Weekday Year II, ideas to enhance the choice of music and the liturgical environment, prayer texts. Helpful tips for homilies, catechesis and liturgy preparation. 8 1/2 x 11.

Cover Price: $18.00
Our Price: $13.00

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Alone or in a group, find a deeper understanding of the Sunday Scriptures for Year B in At Home with the Word. It includes readings, insights from Scripture scholars, and action steps for individuals, families, RCIA, and small faith groups, plus prayers for weekday readings. Cover price: $8.00 each. See below for discounted price!

Cover Price: $8.00
1 - 99 copies: $6.50 each
100 or more: $5.00 each

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This Catholic liturgical calendar is for the First Sunday of Advent 2020  to the First Sunday of Advent 2021.  The 2021 Year of Grace Calendar is for Sunday Year B and Weekday Year II.  

The calendar is designed to grace homes, parish offices, sacristies, and classrooms. Available in poster size (26 x 26) and notebook size (17 x 11). English and Spanish.

(POSTER SIZE - 26x26)
Large Paper: $7.00 each
Laminated: $14.00 each

Pack of 25 $12.00 each
Single Laminated copy $4.00 each

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2021 Daily Reflections for Lent

Prayerfully journey through Lent with Mary DeTurris Poust’s fresh and meaningful reflections on the daily Mass readings. In just minutes per day, the insightful meditations of Not by Bread Alone can deepen your experience of this solemn season of prayer and penance and prepare you to participate more fully in the joy of the great Easter mystery.



1-49 copies: $2
50+ copies: $1

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Preparing for Confession; Receiving God

Preparing for Confession; Receiving Gods Mercy 

Paul Turner
This booklet includes an introduction to the Sacrament of Penance, scripture passages
with questions for reflection and explanations of the different forms for celebrating
reconciliation. There is guidance for preparing to confess sins and receive
God’s mercy. This booklet would be useful to young and old alike; those receiving
reconciliation for the first time, those who have not been to the sacrament in a
long time or those who wish to deepen their understanding of this sacrament.
Available in Spanish (same prices).

Paperback, 29 pages.
1-24 $1.25
25-299 $.75
300 + $.40

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Guide for Lectors 

Paul Turner & Virginia Meagher
You’ll want all of your lectors to read this new guide. Effective for training those new to the ministry and for rejuvenating the work of veterans, the book can be used by individuals or groups. It gives lectors the background and tools they need to study, pray, and proclaim scripture well, it offers sound advice for dealing with the practical everyday challenges of parish liturgies, and it nurtures spiritual growth in the minister. Inside you’ll find a pastoral, inviting format and style; a basic theological foundation of the ministry; liturgical catechesis about the minister’s role during the Mass; a brief history of the ministry; encouragement for deepening the spirituality of the minister; and detailed, practical instruction for carrying out the ministry.
Available in Spanish - Saddlestitched, 6 x 9, 80 pages

Cost: 1-9 $5.95
10+ $4.95

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Guide for Ushers and Greeters

Guide for Ushers and Greeters 

Paul Turner & Karie Ferrell
Ushers and greeters need training so that they are able to respond graciously to the needs of everyone who comes through the doors of your church. The Guide for Ushers and Greeters helps you to form liturgical ministers in this important ministry. Similar to the other guides in this series, this book is presented in a pastoral, inviting format and style. It includes: A basic theological and historical overview of the ministry; Liturgical catechesis about the role of ushers and greeters in the context of the various parts of the Mass; Inspiration and advice for becoming faith-filled participants in the Mass; Detailed, practical descriptions of duties. Answers to frequently asked questions, a glossary, and prayers are also included.
Saddlestitched, 6 x 9,

Cost: 1-9 $5.95
10 + $4.95

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Guide for Liturgy Committees

Guide for Liturgy Committees 

Paul Turner, Michael R. Prendergast

The liturgy committee provides shape and vision for liturgies and liturgical formation for members of the assembly. You'll want every member of your liturgy committee or worship team to read this new guide. Effective for training those new to the committee and for rejuvenating the work of veterans, this book can be used by the entire group or by individual members. It gives members of the committee the tools they need to pray, study, and prepare the liturgy. This book will be a valuable resource to help all pray fully, actively, and consciously.

Inside you'll find a pastoral, inviting format and style, including: pastoral theology of liturgy, Eucharist, and Sunday Mass; basic understanding of liturgical law and liturgical roles; detailed instructions for how to serve on a liturgy committee; generous quotations from Church documents and scripture and a liturgical evaluation form.
Paperback, 6 x 9, 112 pages.

Cost: $8.95

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Daily Prayer 2021


Daily Prayer is the perfect companion for your spiritual journey.  Versatile and easy-to-use, this trusted resource has assisted Catholics of all ages in deepening their faith and prayer life for over a decade.  Daily Prayer follows an order of prayer for the liturgical year fron the First Sunday of Advent, December 2020 through December 31, 2021.  This resource is a great resource for personal reflection and can also be used to begin or end parish meetings and formation sessions, rooting your faily ministry in the rhythm of the liturgical year.

As the perfect gift for parish volunteers, teachers, and catechists, it will aid each person in the parish to foster a practice of prayer, and can be used to begin or end parish meetings.  For each day, Daily Prayer offers:  A psalm - A reading from the daily Mass - A brief reflection - Prayers of the Faithful - A Closing Prayer.

Paperback, 6 x 9, 432 pages

1     $12.00

2-9   $10.00

10 +  $9.00

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The Catholic Handbook for Visiting the Sick and Homebound 2021 (English or Spanish)

The Catholic Handbook for Visiting the Sick and Homebound 2021 is the essential resource for lay ministers of care, especially extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion.  This portable, annual resource has been updated to include all the official rites a lay minister will need from the Book of Blessings and Pastoral Care of the Sick:  Rites of Anointing and Viaticum to bring Holy Communion to as well as pray and shrare the Gospel with those who cannot regularly worship with their parish community.

These rites include:   Communion in Ordinary Circumstances, Communion in a Hospital, Viaticum Outside Mass, Blessing of a person Suffering from Addiction, Blessing for the Victim of a Crime, Blessing of Parents after a Miscarriage, Visits to the Sick, Pastoral Care of the Dying.  The full Gospel text from Sunday Mass is provided along with an explanaiton of the reading that lay ministers can read to those they visit.  The explanations have been written with the needs of the sick in mind.

Cost 1- $9.00

     2-9 - $7.00

 10 + -  $5.00

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Communion of the Sick

Communion of the Sick 


All ministers of Communion will want to have and use these official texts for bringing the Eucharist to the sick. Also useful for the confined person to read in preparation for receiving the Eucharist.

The text includes the rite for giving "Communion in Ordinary Circumstances" for home visits and the briefer "Communion in a Hospital or Institution."

Blue booklet English only.
Red booklet bi-lingual (English and Spanish) 4 x 7, 40 pages

English Edition Cost: $3.95
Bi-lingual Edition (English & Spanish) Cost: $6.95

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Guide for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Guide for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion 

Kenneth Riley & Paul Turner
You’ll want all of your Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion to read this new guide. Appropriate for training new extraordinary ministers or for updating experienced ones, this book may be used by individuals or groups. It conveys the latest teachings of the Catholic Church, gives sound advice for dealing with the practical everyday challenges of parish liturgies, and nurtures spiritual growth in the minister. In addition to practical, theological, and spiritual instruction, you’ll find frequently asked questions, advice for responding to unusual or difficult circumstances, a resource list, glossary, questions for reflection or discussion, and prayers.
Available in Spanish - Saddlestitched, 6 x 9, 80 pages

Cost: 1-9 $5.95
10+ $4.95

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Collection of Masses of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Collection of Masses of the Blessed Virgin Mary 

Volume I: Missal Volume II: Lectionary
Catholic Book Publishing

This twovolume Collection of Masses of the Blessed Virgin Mary contains the complete liturgical material needed to celebrate a total of 46 Masses in honor of the Blessed Virgin. The Missal includes the latest translations of the Mass texts and Eucharistic Prayers according to the third typcial edition of the Roman Missal and useful, functional tabs for the Ordinary of the Mass. The Lectionary contains all the readings for these 46 Masses of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Both volumes include ribbon markers and liturgical drawings that introduce each main section. The Collection of Masses of the Blessed Virgin Mary is printed in two colors in large, easytoread 14 pt. type and attractively bound in durable blue cloth. Note: Textual changes have only been made to the Missal. The Lectionary remains unchanged.

Price: Vol I: Missal $35.00
Vol II: Lectionary $29.00
Set of Vol I and II $63.00

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