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Position Title:      Secretariat Director

Agency/Office:      Catholic Charities and Social Ministry

Work Schedule:     Full Time

Position Requirements:

The Diocese of Providence is seeking a Secretariat Director for Social Ministry who will work in conjunction with the Bishop of Providence and the members of his Administrative Board, the Secretariat Director directs the fulfillment of the evangelical mission of the Church and, in particular, its social teachings. This includes fostering ministries oriented toward justice, reconciliation, healing, and material assistance in response to the needs of individuals, families, and society at large. The Secretariat Director also provides sound strategic and managerial direction over programs directly related to social ministry and charitable works in the Diocese.

The Secretariat will promote the church’s pastoral ministry through the prioritization of service, advocacy, community development, family life, respect life and elderly programs. This person will provide leadership in the areas of hospital & institutional chaplaincy, respect life programs, immigration & refugee services, eldercare, multi-cultural ministries & Catholic social services

They person will establish budgets and monitor appropriate and effective procedures within the area of mission for each agency, planning and evaluating their mission, program and services especially in terms of the parishes and the institution’s it serves.

The well qualified candidate must be an effective leader with motivational strategies to assist Directors in setting and achieving their goals.  This person will exhibit strong communication skills and possess a confident interpersonal style capable of engaging and influencing others. A bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Social work or Theology is required but a master’s degree is preferred.  We are searching for a lay Catholic or Religious with a minimum of 10 years Administration/Leadership experience within the Roman Catholic Church and an extensive knowledge of the teachings, especially social doctrine, taught by the Roman Catholic Church, and awareness of the ministries established by it.

Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to:

Diocese of Providence

John Bittner, Human Resource Director

1 Cathedral Square,

Providence, RI 02903

or via email