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Steven Belloise
Executive Director
Nassar Shabo
Director of Construction
Kevin Comp
Director of Facilities Operations
Frank Valliciergo
Construction Project Manager
Ursula Rivera
Construction Project Manager
Michael McDonnell
Hazardous Materials Project Manager
Emet Huelgas
Real Estate Manager for Hudson & Union Counties 
Martha Rodriguez
Real Estate Manager for Essex County
Marilyn Peña
Real Estate Manager for Bergen County 
Valentina Baldessarre
Ecclesiastical Project Manager / Patrimony
Curtis St. Louis
Assistant Construction Project Manager
Patricia Emory
Construction Administrator
Teresa Dobbs-Robinson
Administrative Secretary
Joseph Lucia
Administrative Assistant
Kathleen Dodds
Greg Vera
Maintenance Supervisor
Jennifer Negron
Project Assistant 


Contact Us

Steven Belloise
Executive Director

Office of Property Management Administration
The Archdiocese of Newark
171 Clifton Avenue
P.O. Box 9500
Newark, NJ 07104-0500 

Phone: 973-497-4110
Fax: 973-497-4362