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End of Life Issues

As Catholics, we respect all life from conception to natural death.  End of life issues, such as the proper treatment of the sick, living wills, advanced healthcare directives, and capitial punishment are a source for much discussion.  When dealing with these issues and others, clear and sensitive direction is needed. In this section, you'll find some documents and resources which highlight these topics:

A Catholic Perspective on end of Life Issues

Living Wills (Advanced Healthcare Directives)

Advanced Directives are legal documents that come into effect when an indivudal becomes incapacitated and can no longer make medical decisions for themselves. There are various forms these directives can take including power of attorney for health care, health care proxy, a living will, medical orders and more. Be sure to read the following statement shared by the New Jersey Catholic Conference:

Advance Directives - New Jersey Catholic Conference - Trenton, NJ (

For more information about Catholic Advanced Directives call the Respect Life office at (973)-497-4350 for a copy.

Capital Punishment

Click here to read the statement shared by the Catholic Bishops of New Jersey:

Death Penalty - New Jersey Catholic Conference - Trenton, NJ (

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