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Parish food pantries team up to feed the hungry

During the Covid Pandemic the needs in many of our Parish Food Pantries has increased. At a recent Zoom Meeting the Food Pantry Coordinator from St. Ann in Hoboken, Tiffany Kane, met up with Carolyn Angelosante who coordinates the Food Pantry at St. Rocco/St. Brigid Parish in Union City.

Since meeting at the Food Pantry Coalition through the Social Concerns Office of the Archdiocese, they began working together to help stock the food pantry at St. Rocco's in Union City.

Kane runs the volunteer ministry at St. Ann Parish and collects items for those in need year round. Angelosante runs the food pantry at St. Rocco/St. Brigid Parish in Union City indicated that the need is great: ”Our goal is to work together until no one in Hudson County is hungry. This drive will continue as long as it is needed to help end hunger in our area.”