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Saint Elizabeth in Wyckoff builds new Daily Mass Chapel

This video produced by Saint Elizabeth parish and Fr. Stephen Fichter in Wyckoff shows the progression of the construction of the parish's new Daily Mass Chapel.

Saint Elizabeth parish in Wyckoff has completed the year-long construction of their new Daily Mass Chapel. SNS Architects & Engineering, PC and RCC Builders & Developers, who partnered in the project, took great care to create a chapel that seamlessly blended with the existing church.

Fr. Stephen Fichter, the pastor of Saint Elizabeth, said he is particularly proud of the history of the parish incorporated in the design, which is evident the moment you enter the chapel. The stained glass window on the altar is from the original 1902 church. Below the window is the refurbished tabernacle from the 1954 church, and the altar is repurposed from the baptismal font that was at the entrance of the 1992 church.

The etched windows on the front of the chapel that depict the Tree of Life and the twelve fruits of the Holy Spirit are another distinguishing architectural feature. Two walls of the new sacristy use the stained glass windows from the original bell tower on the lawn of the 1992 church, and the 18 foot stained glass window on the east side of the chapel is an adaptation of the Risen Christ designed by Fr. Stephen and Lamb Studios of Midland Park.

Bishop Michael Saporito dedicated the new chapel on Sunday, Sept. 27 before celebrating the noon Mass with joyous Saint Elizabeth parishioners.