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Video: 'One of the things I love about celebrating Mass' -Fr. Pedro Bismarck Chau

Fr. Pedro Bismarck Chau, the rector of the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Newark reflects on one of the things he loves about celebrating Mass: the people. "It's beautiful to see that each Sunday the congregation is growing more and more," he says.

Fr. Pedro also reflects on the Eucharist, calling it the, "summit of our faith," and "the core of what we believe."

Here is the full transcript:

Q: What is one thing you love about celebrating Mass?

A: As a priest I’ve been celebrating Mass every day even during the lockdown. But there's one thing that's missing though: the people. But now it's getting better. It's beautiful to see that each Sunday the congregation is growing more and more. But as a priest I continue to celebrate the Eucharist and offering it for the people of God. To me that has been a consolation that not being able to see their faces, not being able to be with them at the Eucharist, I bring them into my heart, and I offer them to the Lord. So, for me it has been a great blessing to be able to celebrate mass for the congregation whether in private and now as a community. But they are always in my heart.

Q: Why should we attend Mass?

A: The Eucharist is the summit of our faith, the core of what we believe and exist. It’s been almost six months since the lockdown and many of us have not been able to go to church yet. Just remember that Christ is waiting for us. He’s waiting for you to come and become one with him in truly receiving his body and blood. Maybe as we have been away from the church not being able to gather as a community – as a whole and entire community – how hungry are you for the Lord? How hungry are you to receive him and his body and blood. To be one with him in that intimate relationship with Jesus, our Lord. I invite you, take courage. Come to church. Take all the necessary precautions to be safe. We are doing that for you. Jesus is waiting for you in the Eucharist.