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Video: Pandemic keeps these 2 international students from the basketball court, but not from getting to know God

In this episode of the Caldwell University Campus Ministry initiative "CU Faith Fridays," Campus Ministry Director Colleen O’Brien interviews two international students from Spain who came to Caldwell to play basketball. Other than practices and limited conditioning Ana Gonzalez Martin and Paula Dits Garcia are unable to play basketball this fall as a result of the season being postponed because of Covid-19. But that hasn't stopped them from hitting the books and experiencing God's hand in their lives in different ways. 

In this episode the pair discuss the highs and lows of living one’s faith in college, being far from home during the pandemic and making sure that we not only pray to God but also collaborate with God's work in our lives.

“CU Faith Fridays” is an initiative that began in April 2020 during the start of the pandemic when students, faculty and staff were at the beginning stages of learning and working remotely. O’Brien, founder of the series, said they sensed a need for people to  share faith and mission but in a unique way.

“The intent of the series is to explore how faith is connected to the ways people are navigating in this pandemic and how faith is connected to our daily lives.” She says it is their hope that viewers “can find and connect with something that students, faculty or staff say” and that it would inspire them in their faith lives.

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