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Watch Caldwell University Chorale premiere of 'Meditation' on Facebook Live

The community is invited to enjoy the Caldwell University Chorale premiering the piece "Meditation" by professional composer Karen Siegel Thursday, Nov. 19 from 1:30 to 2 p.m. on Facebook Live through the university’s Facebook page. Student, faculty and community members of the chorale will perform.

"Meditation" was inspired by the challenges of singing music together safely during the pandemic. It  was intended to be sung remotely, live, via computer, but Caldwell will instead sing it in-person, safely, explained Chorale Director, Dr. Laura Greenwald. 

“As the semester progressed and most of us were rehearsing together in-person, I decided that performing together would provide a better experience for our students,” she said. 

They will socially distance in the gym and will be wearing their masks.

The chorale will  be joined by soloist Elizabeth Engelberth. Siegel will introduce the piece before the performance and will answer questions following.

Greenwald says music has often been a healing and unifying force and she hopes the performance will uplift viewers and  students and provide a sense of hope and respite in these challenging times.

“All semester long I  wanted the students to feel connected to others at a time when many people are isolated so we rehearsed both inside and outside, wearing masks, while being social distance,” said Greenwald.

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