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Campaign Updates


Saint Joseph the Carpenter in Roselle dedicates a new altar

The altar at Saint Joseph Parish in Roselle received a dedication courtesy of Cardinal Joseph W. Tobin on August 27, 2017.  The monies collected through the We Are Living Stones Capital Campaign were used to fund the new altar. 

Click here for Allocation of Funds as of  June 30, 2017

We Are Living Stones: Campaign Status Report 

August, 11 2016 - The Office of Development and Stewardship

The historic We Are Living Stones Capital Campaign continues to experience great success within the Archdiocese of Newark, with over $72,000,000 raised in pledges from over 200 parishes. The generosity of parishioners from across the Archdiocese is ensuring that our Church is able to care for the less fortunate in our communities, preach the good news of the Gospel more vibrantly, and provide a strong foundation for generations to come.   Click here to read more... 

One of our most frequently asked questions…

April 21, 2016 - The Office of Development and Stewardship 

Throughout the We Are Living Stones Capital Campaign, one of our most frequently asked questions we have received continues to be: “How is this Capital Campaign different than the Sharing God’s Blessings Annual Appeal?” We have created this chart to help clarify the main similarities and differences for both the Capital Campaign and the Annual Appeal.

Click here to view We Are Living Stones Capital Campaign vs. Sharing God’s Blessings Annual Appeal comparison chart. 

We Are Living Stones: 2015 Campaign Progress  

January 20, 2016 - Al Frank, Associate Publisher, The Catholic Advocate

The third and final group of archdiocesan parishes launched their participation in the $90 million We Are Living Stones campaign last week. The 99 parishes begin their pledge drives as other parishes have begun spending their shares of the campaign money they raised. The archdiocese announced last month the distribution of another $584,380 to 46 parishes that exceeded their goal. That comes on top of the $553,407 distributed in August to 33 parishes, for a total of $1,137,790. Click here to read more... 

Parishes receive over $500,000 towards their Capital needs

September 21, 2015 - The Office of Development and Stewardship 

As we anticipate the autumn season, 62 of our parishes throughout the Archdiocese of Newark are busy preparing for their participation in the historic Capital Campaign, We Are Living Stones. The main purpose of the We Are Living Stones Campaign is to strengthen our parish communities; while at the same time building a brighter future for the Archdiocese through indirect support to the Parishes.  It is projected that the parishes of the Archdiocese will need almost $125 million over the next ten years to ensure that our 1,100 church, school, rectory buildings, parish centers and other buildings where we engage in the work of the Church are kept in good condition.  Click here to read more... 

Parishes Raise $12 million for 'Living Stones' Campaign 

July 15, 2015 - Al Frank, Associate Publisher, The Catholic Advocate

The second phase of the $90 million “We Are Living Stones” archdiocesan campaign is about to launch as pledges by parishes in the first stage reached 65 percent of their goals.Archbishop John J. Myers praised pastors for their leadership and the faithful for their generosity, even as the pledge phase continues in some of the 52 parishes in the first phase. He said he believed the $12 million pledged so far was a recognition by parishes that they are the “prime beneficiaries,” because they will receive half the total they collect, and that none of the money funds archdiocesan administration. Click here to read more...

Receptions are off to a great start!

May 14, 2015

The We Are Living Stones Campaign is well underway! Parishioners from across the Archdiocese are joining together to pray, share fellowship, and learn more about this important initiative for our parishes and the Church of Newark. In the first Block of this Campaign, which consists of 55 of our 219 parishes, we have held 201 parish receptions. The response has been inspiring as over 4,000 families, which is equivalent to 14% of regular envelope users, have attended at least one of these gatherings. Click here to read more... 

The Insider Newsletter

The Insider Newsletter is a new publication designed to keep parishes within the Archdiocese informed about the purpose, progress and particulars of the We Are Living Stones Campaign to benefit the parishes and people of the Archdiocese -- the people we serve every day.  Over the course of the campaign, we will use "The Insider" to bring you the latest information about We Are Living Stones and how the funds raised will support the ministry priorities of the Archdiocese in the years ahead.

Edition #1 - April 2015

Edition #2 - June 2015

Edition #3 - January 2016

Edition #4 - March 2016 


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