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How will the parish goals be determined? Parish goal calculations are based on 100 percent of the 2013, offertory (first collections) using the reported information for unrestricted plate and donations.

How much will my parish receive as part of this campaign? As part of the We Are Living Stones Capital Campaign, $40 million will be allocated to help parishes meet their local needs. After the Works of Mercy target is met, 50% of all funds raised will stay at the parish for projects determined by local leadership.

Is our parish goal an assessment? No, the established parish goals are not an assessment.  However, the first monies raised at each parish will be allocated to help meet the parish’s “Works of Mercy” target. All parishes are asked to conduct a “good faith effort” and work with their assigned campaign director to achieve their goal. If, after conducting a “good faith effort” the parish does not meet its goal, the parish will not be assessed the balance.

When will parishes begin to receive their 50 percent share? Parishes exceeding their Works of Mercy goal, will receive their parish portion every quarter.  Funds will be disbursed in March, June, September and December.   If the parish exceedsits overal goal, they will receive 60% of all funds redeemed above the We Are Living Stones goal on the same timeline as stated above.

How will the campaign affect our parish offertory? In the short term, offertory giving should remain level, with a possible small fluctuation up or down. We make sure we communicate that parishioners are asked to consider a greater sacrifice and commitment to their Archdiocesan Church above and beyond their regular offertory giving, and should not lower their gifts to their parish in order to make a gift to this effort.

Are pledges legally binding? Pledges are not legally binding. If the donor’s financial situation changes such that a pledge cannot be satisfied, simply communicate with the Archdiocesan Development Office and inform them so that you will not receive further communications regarding your pledge. 

When will funds be available for scholarships? Distributions of available endowment earnings for tuition assistance scholarships will begin once the individual endowment is substantially funded and some level of earnings has been generated.

Will any of these funds be used for items other than the established case elements? No. The Archdiocese has both a legal and moral obligation to restrict these funds for the stated elements. The funds raised for the campaign will be used exclusively for the named case elements.

Is there a certain order for case element funding? The Works of Mercy portion of the case will be funded first and then all other elements will be funded in a proportional way.

How will my parish benefit from this campaign? We are all a part of a larger Archdiocesan faith family, and should be committed to sustaining and growing the ministries and spirituality of every member both now and in the future. With this in mind, the intention is for every case element in this campaign to benefit all in our Archdiocese.

1.    The Archdiocese of Newark began as the Diocese of Newark in 1853.  Some of our local parishes are over 150 years old.  By providing nearly ½ of the monies raised to parishes for their own needs we hope that our local churches will be able to address some of the maintenance projects that have been differed because of lack of financial resources.

2.    One of the best ways to help our Catholic Schools succeed in the Archdiocese of Newark is by helping to fill them with students.  By establishing and funding a new endowment for needs based tuition assistance, the campaign will provide greater opportunities for students throughout our area to attend our Catholic schools.

3.    While the parish phase of the We Are Living Stones Archdiocesan Campaign begins in 2015 and will continue over a four-year period of time, the day-to-day ministries of the Archdiocese of Newark must continue.  The Works of Mercy portion of the campaign will ensure that programs like Catholic Charities, Youth and young adult ministries, Multicultural ministry, Family life ministry and others will be funded for 2015.

4.    By providing funds for our seminarians’ educations we increase the likelihood that an individual will respond to their vocation to the priesthood or religious life and see their studies through to the end.  Better formation for our priests during their years of formation will help to provide our local parishes with pastors and priests who are prepared to serve the spiritual needs of God’s people.

5.    Aside from providing funds to help our parish physical plants, the campaign will allocate funds for Parish Renewal and leadership development.  This new endowment will provide funding so that our parish priests and other parish leaders can continue their professional development, parishes can initiate effective evangelization programs; provide catechetical training to its aspiring teachers and other parish-level ministries and programs. 

6.    Our priests care and provide for our faith life. Caring for them in retirement is our obligation. By increasing funding to the Priests’ Retirement Trust, we can better provide for our retired priests, which benefits us all.

Who handles the redemption of the pledges? Families are asked to make their pledges to the We Are Living Stones campaign, at which time The Archdiocese of Newark will be responsible for the redemption of the pledges. The Office of Development will track pledges and gifts, and handle the mailing of payment reminders over the 4-year pledge period.  Each parish has access to its report - detailing the names of the parishioners, and their pledged and paid amounts. 

Why aren’t we including the Annual Appeal for all four years of the campaign? During the course of our campaign, it is vital that we maintain the financial resources required to sustain these ministries, programs, services and the central administrative and pastoral offices. The decision has been made to replace the Annual Appeal and incorporate a Works of Mercy goal for each parish throughout the We Are Living Stones Capital Campaign. Parishes conducting the campaign in Block One will resume the new Sharing God’s Blessings annual appeal in 2016.

Can I designate my gift to a specific case item? Yes. Donors can specify special interests on their pledge card as they pertain to the greater case for support in the We Are Living Stones campaign.   Restricted gifts will still be credited to the parish. If a donor wishes to designate he/she must specify clearly how the gift should be designated.

How much should I give to the campaign? Parishioners are asked to prayerfully consider a specific gift plan in accordance with their own means, circumstances and sacrificial levels. Pledges are payable in monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual installments over a 4-year period. 

Why are pledges encouraged, instead of one-time donations? Pledges provide parishioners with the opportunity to make a more significant gift to the mission of the Church. A contribution is easier to pay off over a period of time rather than a one-time gift out of pocket.  In addition, pledges allow the Archdiocese of Newark and your local parish to better budget and plan for meeting the needs that will be addressed as a result of this campaign.

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